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MongoDB: Aggregation
Git: Rebasing
Enable tab to click in i3wm
How to make ZSH your default shell
Disable automatic updates on Ubuntu
Dell XPS 15 9500 fan control
Set default node version using nvm
Moving away from magic — or: why I don't want to use Laravel anymore
If you are building APIs in PHP you might use Fractal. This package makes working with Fractal even easier!
Organise by domain
Structure your large code base into different domains.
The Many Ways to Change an SVG Fill on Hover (and When to Use Them)
Change the color of an SVG icon on hover when it is not an inline SVG.
Git: Stashing
Stash changes in a dirty working directory.
Analytics for developers
Interpreting traffic data and improving a website based on those results - without marketing wishy-washy!
New in PHP 7.4
PHP 7.4 will be released around December 2019. The next version will include some handy features.
Color scheme
During the last year I changed my IDE's color scheme multiple times. Here is why...
Preventing spam submitted through forms
The folks at Spatie recently released a laravel package which protects your applications against spam.
Presentation skills for programmers
As part of the unconference track at Laracon EU 2018, Chris Brown held a fantastic talk on tips and tricks for presentations.
code.talks 2018 in Hamburg
code.talks 2018 - Germany's Largest Developer Conference
Lightweight configuration file loader.
Lightweight PHP view-renderer.
JavaScript: Truncate text to a certain number of characters
How to truncate a text in JavaScript if it is longer than a specified number of characters.
How to use Handlebars with Express
Tutorial on how to use the Handlebars view engine with Express.
Laravel Meetup Hamburg 05.09.2017
Better late than never! After an one year break the second Laravel meetup Hamburg took place at ABOUT YOU.
Mobility Hackathon 2017
Mobility Hackathon 2017 - September 22nd & 23rd 2017 in Hamburg.
Git: Tagging
Create and delete git tags.
TechTalk: Testing in Laravel - an introduction
My second TechTalk at ABOUT YOU. Topic: Testing in Laravel - an introduction.
Git: Repository clean-up
This blog post describes how to delete obsolete branches, which were already merged.
TechTalk: Jekyll - a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby
My first TechTalk at ABOUT YOU. Topic: Jekyll - a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby.
ABOUT YOU Hackathon #1
iSAQB-CPSA-F certification
iSAQB-CPSA-F certification.
PHP-Usergroup Hamburg 14.03.2017
The meeting of the PHP-Usergroup Hamburg went to the next round!
Jekyll, GitHub Pages and 1&1
Create your own Jekyll blog and publish it using GitHub Pages. Make it accessible via your private 1&1 domain.
code.talks 2016 in Hamburg
Popcorn, nachos and code! - This was the slogan of the 6. code.talks on September 29th & 30th 2016 in Hamburg.
PHP-Usergroup Hamburg 13.09.2016
First meeting of the PHP Usergroup Hamburg after the summer break.