TechTalk: Testing in Laravel - an introduction

My second TechTalk at ABOUT YOU. Topic: Testing in Laravel - an introduction.

René Kulik on 20.07.2017

Two weeks ago I had my second TechTalk at ABOUT YOU (TechTalks? Here you find an explanation). The topic this time: “Testing in Laravel - an introduction”.

TechTalk poster

Testing is one of the most important parts in software development. Not only to make sure features work like expected, but also to ensure new components do not have repercussions on the existing codebase.

In order to support testing, Laravel provides a wide range of functionalities. With these you are able to create different kinds of tests - from basic unit tests, over tests against the database, up to browser tests.

TL;DR my slides and the source code. Otherwise, the summary:

The presentation can be divided into three sections. Section 1 deals with software testing in general. Basic terms get explained to create a common understanding of the topic.

Section 2 goes more into detail about Laravel’s functionalities for implementing tests.

During a live coding session some of the presented concepts are demonstrated.