Moving away from magic — or: why I don't want to use Laravel anymore

René Kulik on 19.04.2019

In his recent post, Niklas Schöllhorn explained why he decided to move away from Laravel.

Even though I love Laravel for its simplicity and I am still using it, I agree with the points Niklas mentioned. And I believe it is important to show off questionable design decisions to avoid people blindly adopting something which might not suit them in the end. It does not matter how popular a framework is, the decision to commit oneself to a specific tool should be well thought through.

[…] I am not trying to rant about Laravel or why other frameworks might be better.

This article is very subjective. I’ll give you my thoughts and try to get you to rethink your framework choices as well. And when you stick with Laravel after reassessing, that’s fine. I have no intention to convert people away from Laravel to other frameworks or languages. But it is important to look closer and to make sure you know what you are using and why you are using it.