iSAQB-CPSA-F certification

iSAQB-CPSA-F certification.

René Kulik on 23.03.2017

Last month I participated in iSAQB Foundation Level and successfully accomplished the iSAQB-CPSA-F certification.

Since I am not allowed to publish the contents of the preparation seminar and the certification exam, which is understandable, this post only covers my intention regarding the participation, the general procedure and my conclusive opinion on the workshop and certification.

My goal was to expand my knowledge of software architectures in order to make better architectural decisions in my daily work as a PHP developer.

The training course featured 4 days of transmitting knowledge and gaining the necessary skills in decision making as well as practical experiences. It ended with an examination leading to a certificate.

One week after the exam, I received a positive preliminary result via email. The actual certificate was delivered by mail, which arrived within 4 weeks. By passing the exam, I am now allowed to call myself “iSAQB® Certified Professional for Software Architecture - Foundation Level” with the certified knowledge of:

For those, who are interested in software architectures or who like to dive deeper into this topic, I can highly recommend such a seminar (incl. certification). Knowledge has been refreshed and personal skills have been broadened. Furthermore, I had the privilege to meet and connect with interesting people from various fields of information technology.