Best purchase #2

Second post of the series about some of my best purchases.

René Kulik on 19.05.2018

This is the second post of a series about some of my best purchases. In the previous post I talked about the SockStar Sock Clips.

This blogpost will feature another kind of unusual product – the Cool Gear 75 oz EZ Freeze Water Bottle!

Cool Gear 75 oz EZ Freeze Water Bottle with Handle, Straw and Ice Pack

Keep your cool this summer with Cool Gear’s 75 Ounce EZ-Freeze water bottle. Whether you’re at a summer barbecue or looking to stay hydrated after the gym or in the office, this drink container’s innovative design will make sure every sip is chilled to perfection. A straw is nestled against a non-toxic gel-filled core that runs the length of the bottle and attached to the cap. The non-drip flip top allows you to easily transport your beverage, and handle makes for easier sipping. This handy container also eliminates the need for ice, so your sports drinks, juices, and other favorite flavored beverages will never be watered down again.

The reason why I purchased this bottle was, that I did not drink enough water when I was at home and sometimes got very unconcentrated because of it. To give you some more background information: We do not buy water from the supermarket, we take it directly from the faucet as it has a very high quality. When I was programming and got thirsty, I had to stand up every time, go into the kitchen and fill a glass. This was very annoying for me, as it broke my concentration.

When I am working in the office I do not have this problem. There we have water bottles which get stocked up frequently. At the beginning of a workday I grep 2-3 of them, bring them to my table and I am good to go.

I searched for a solution which combines both. A solution where I can still use the water from our faucet and where I can store lots of it at my desk. The Cool Gear 75 oz EZ Freeze Water Bottle solves the problem. Filled up with 75 ounces of water it takes me through several hours.

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