Best purchase #1

The start of a series of blogposts about some of my best purchases.

René Kulik on 21.04.2018

A while ago I bought a product that turned out to be one of the best purchases I ever made. It facilitated an annoying routine so much, it was a blast. It was such an exiting and overwhelming feeling how one single product could affect my life in such a positive way. When I thought about it, even more products came to my mind and I decided to share these life changers and experiences with you.

And here we are, this is the start of a series of blogposts about some of my best purchases. I will feature products and services which had a significant great impact on my life. Things which accelerate daily routines, enable me to do something I was not able to or even yield money.

This first blogpost will feature the SockStar Sock Clips!

SockStar Sock Clips

Everytime I washed my socks I got really annoyed, because I knew I had to match and sort them afterwards. I always had the feeling I spent too much time on a meaningless task. But I could not just throw all the socks in the drawer and move on, because I have so many of them in different forms and colors, it would have been a mess to search the right couple if needed. So I searched for a solution.

Sock Clips for the rescue! I browsed amazon and found the SockStar Sock Clip.

  • SockStar Black & White Edition comes in 4 cool colors - black, white, magenta, transparent - one color for each family member.
  • Sockstar keeps socks in pairs - in the laundry pile, in the washing machine, on the clothes line and in the drawers. It is suitable for socks of all sizes.
  • SockStar is easy to use, washable and heat resistant up to 200 degrees fahrenheit. Suitable for tumble and spin dryers. Has an integrated hook for the clothes line or airer.
  • SockStar solves the problem of matching and sorting sock, saving you time and hassle. Socks will no longer become lost or mismatched.
  • SockStar is an elegant high-end German product made in Italy.

These clips not only solve the problem of matching pairs after washing, even after drying I am now able to just put them in the drawer leaving the clips attached. By the time I need the socks, I just remove the clip and put them on. No sorting and folding at all.

Here is the amazon product link if you are interested and want to try it out for yourself:

SockStar Sock Clips Black & White - Family Pack = 20 Clips in 4 Design Colors

After purchasing the clips I saw a tweet from Pieter Levels about his minimalistic wardrobe:

The idea behind is to ignore fashion trends and unify all your clothes so you don’t have to bother yourself to decide what to wear. This would have solved my sock problem as well. I would own only one kind of sock, same form and same color. No need to match them anymore. Mentally I am not there at this point but I could imagine myself going this way in the near future to simplify my daily life even more.